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E85 Ethanol stations and prices in Phoenix, Arizona found 6 public E85 Ethanol stations in Phoenix, AZ. A map is shown below.

We also found that there are 11 public E85 Ethanol stations within 25 miles of Phoenix and there are 18 public E85 Ethanol stations within 50 miles of Phoenix. Click here to show a map of these stations.

There are also 214 different public alternative fuel stations near Phoenix, AZ (such as CNG, E85 Ethanol, Biodiesel, Propane, LNG, or Electric Charging Stations). Click here to show a map of these stations.

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The map on the right shows the stations that are in Phoenix, Arizona. The number on the icon shows the current price for E85 Ethanol. Click on any of the icons to find out more information about the station such as the address, phone number, hours of operation and any other comments people have posted about the station (you can post your own comments if you know something, too!).The stations are also listed below.

Public E85 Ethanol stations in Phoenix

Fuel TypeNameAddressCurrent priceMore info
E85Western States Petroleum450 S 15th Ave3.39 ($ per Gallon)
updated 2012-09-22
E85AAA Yellow Cab3030 S 45th St3.06 ($ per gge)
updated 2014-05-26
This station is marked as non-operational as of 2014-01-28
2340 E Union Hills Dr 3.25 ($ per Gallon)
updated 2011-04-17
E85Team C B Chevron
This station is marked as non-operational as of 2014-09-26
4737 E Broadway3.00 ($ per Gallon)
updated 2014-07-17
E85In the Zone4328 E. Chandler Blvd2.49 ($ per Gallon)
updated 2013-12-31
E85Texaco710 E Indian School Rd2.66 ($ per Gallon)
updated 2014-10-11

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